Our paper moulds are every day, all over the world. We are leading supplier of paper-based food packaging with high standard quality and functional properties. Constant research and development activities on medium and long-term projects are the basis of Ecopack’s innovation.

We work in close partnership with customers, partners and research institutes, such as the University of Torino, continuously developing more sustainable solutions for food packaging.

Our R&D activities focus on novel ways and innovative materials to further develop sustainable food packaging and optimise production processes to improve consumer satisfaction and product performances.

Development of new technologies is the first pillar of our R&D activity, with the aim to realize stiffer and lighter products, reducing resource consumption.

The second pillar is raw material outsource. Our R&D team is continuously looking for novel and more performant paper, inks and glues, to offer sustainable and innovative products, in order to meet market demand and the highest environmental standards.