Cocoa paper molds

Ecopack cocoa baking molds are made with cellulose coming from cocoa shells. The paper has a unique ”natural” embedded aesthetics, obtained without the use of chemicals, that recalls cocoa or coffee. The cocoa paper can be a perfect match for premium, all-natural food packaging for confectioneries, bakeries and cafés.

Available formats

Muffin, tulip, lotus

Pie, plumcake, plumpy

Paper cups

Plumpy with PET

Designed for a wide range of bakery products (sweet and salty), plumpy molds with PET are produced with white paper, the inner side laminated with PET and the outer side printed. They are suitable for baking in traditional oven (max 220° C) and certified for direct food contact according to BfR XXXVI/2 certification.

Sizes and designs

- mm 158x55x52h

- Brown with golden floral design, white with golden floral design

Seasonal tulip cups

Every season has its own tulip! Ecopack tulip cups go seasonal with five new designs: Summer Wheat, Picnic Time, Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day! Summer wheat tulip is made with gold natural paper, all the other cups with white paper printed outside. Check the whole tulip range here.

Available formats

- Mini tulip cup: 110x110 - ø 35 mm

- Medium tulip cup: 150x150 - ø 50 mm

- Large tulip cup: 160x160 - ø 50 mm