Available formats

Large panettone 240x80h

Large panettone 275x80h

Large panettone 300x150h

Egg 215x50h

Star 235x60h

Quadrifoil 220x60h

Corrugated vertical band 134x95h

Corrugated vertical band 154x110h

Corrugated vertical band 168x110h

Egg shaped colored

Egg shaped molds come also in six colors: yellow, green, red, blue, orange and fuchsia.

Ecopack special shapes are manufactured on high-precision automated production lines, which provide a minimum size tolerance, making the moulds suitable for use on automated destackers.

The vertical band is made from non-stick, greaseproof, corrugated paper, approved for direct food contact.

The base is made from non-stick, corrugated, micro-perforated paper, approved for direct food contact.

The printing inks used can withstand high temperatures and spraying with preservatives. Moulds for panettone are self-supporting and do not require metal tins for baking.