Available sizes

40x20h white

46x26h dark brown

50x19h brown/gold

70x18h dark brown

78x20h brown/gold

80x18h brown/gold

90x20h brown/gold

113x20h brown/gold

135x20h brown/gold

160x30h brown/gold

180x24h brown/gold

180x30h brown/gold

185x20h brown/gold

190x20h brown/gold

198x25h brown/gold

200x34h brown/gold

220x25h brown/gold

248x25h brown/gold

270x24h brown/gold

Round pies with PET cardboard






Ecopack round pie molds are manufactured on high-precision automated production lines, which provide a minimum size tolerance, making the moulds suitable for use on automated destackers.

These baking moulds are made from non-stick, greaseproof paper, approved for direct food contact. Micro-perforated paper is available upon request.

The printing inks used can withstand high temperatures and spraying with preservatives. Moulds for round pies are self-supporting and do not require metal trays for baking.