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Cocoa paper molds

A unique paper
inspired by nature

100% Compostable

What is Cocoa PaperTM

Cocoa PaperTM derives from an innovative botanical technology that uses the shells from chocolate industry and transforms them into a paper (up to 40% of virgin cellulose comes from cocoa shells) of superb quality with a natural texture and unique aesthetics.
Cocoa PaperTM is obtained without the use of chemicals and its aspect recalls cocoa or coffee. The Cocoa PaperTM can be a perfect match for premium, all-natural food packaging for confectioneries, bakeries and cafés.

Circular Economy

Cocoa PaperTM is also a perfect example of the Circular Economy. The cocoa shells from the production of chocolate are used to create compostable paper that breaks down back into the earth after use. This paper in fact is 100% industrially compostable, it can be disposed in the organic waste (tested EN 13432). Cocoa PaperTM is also PFOAs, PFOA and PFOS free.

Product range

Cocoa Paper molds are suitable for both traditional and microwave ovens, they resist up to 220°C. They are also freezable and greaseproof.

Paper cups

Muffin cups

Muffin tray


Tulip cups

Lotus cups

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