Paper Pan: new sustainability formula

Paper Pan has arrived. A product that makes us fly to fantastic – yet possible – worlds just by its name. Paper Pan is a paper tray which aims at replacing tons of plastic trays currently available in the market. Every day, millions of plastic trays fill up the supermarket fresh food counters and shelves and eventually reach the homes of consumers all around the world. Just think of the impact they have in terms of raw materials usage and the difficulty – or, often, the impossibility – of recycling them. Such materials are hard to reuse as we are talking of mostly dirty packaging which makes recycling troublesome. In this context, the magnitude of Ecopack’s innovation becomes clear. 

  • Paper Pan has excellent oil-repellent properties, comparable to those of common plastic trays.
  • It is highly liquid-resistant and features constant mechanical stiffness during its use, the same as for plastic containers.
  • Paper Pan is also a heat-sealable container. Despite being made mainly of paper, it is perfectly suitable for heat sealing, something that up to now was only achievable with plastic-based materials. The operator at the food counter can use it both to pack food to be displayed in-site and to prepare a takeaway.
  • Paper Pan also comes with a paper lid with the same characteristics as the container.
  • Having said that, the most important features of Paper Pan lie in its ease of recyclability and its strong focus on environmental sustainability. Paper Pan uses 30% less cellulose compared to the cardboard trays of the competitors while maintaining high rigidity to mechanical strain. Such a reduction is reflected in its total weight. In addition, 30% less cellulose means a significant saving on paper consumption and the entire production system. We have already started distributing our product in Italy, however, Ecopack is a multinational company with 6 production units around the world. Our target is much broader than local: we aim at having a global impact.

Available sizes

Bottom 98×82 mm
Height 45 mm

Bottom 145×98 mm
height 45 mm

Bottom 185×145 mm
Height 45 mm

Grease resistant

All components comply with the EU directive on biodegradability and compostability UNI EN 13432: 2002