We are committed to continuously improve sustainability along the whole production chain.

Ecopack is leader in the design and production of paper-based food packaging, and our efforts are dedicated to valorise the sustainable content of paper as primary raw material, progressively reducing environmental impact throughout the supply chain.

Our longstanding expertise in paper moulding is a key point in supporting customers to develop novel and more sustainable food packaging.

The key concepts of our design strategy are:

Less raw material

We specifically design moulding tools to produce more lightweight paper moulds with the same strength and resistance. This means lower consumption of primary resources (energy, water), less chemicals and lower gas emissions during transport.

Sustainable End-life

We design our products to minimise environmental impact of their end-life (recyclable; biodegradable; compostable).

Less waste

Raw materials waste is minimised through supply chain planning and engineering of production steps. Paper waste is recovered as secondary raw material.

The main raw material of our products is paper. The fibre used in paper production is a certified, renewable resource, from well-managed forests. Our paper suppliers chain-of-custody certified to Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) or Programme for the Endorsement for Forest Certification (PEFC) standards. Our papers are PFOA-free.
We use only low-migration inks and adhesives with food grade certificate. Our inks are nitro-free.