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Celebrating 18 years of excellence with Ecopack Canada

Today we celebrate a very important day for our plant, it’s Ecopack Canada’s 18th birthday!

Established on November 30, 2005 in Brantford, Ontario, Ecopack Canada is the result of our dedication to supply chain optimization, close proximity to our clients and a deep commitment to social and ethical sustainability.

A family legacy made global.

Ecopack Canada, part of Ecopack group, is led by the third generation of the Ferri family.

It was established to meet the needs of a growing company, following customers into new markets, and ensuring them an efficient, continuous, and responsive supply chain to meet the demands of the Canadian and US markets.

Our production plant now has over 50 employees: from Adrian, our VP of Operations, a former employee in Ecopack Italy who brought his years of experience and expertise to lead the Canadian plant, Tara and Sarah, who manage the administration, sales and customer care; to Lisa, Cindy, Shane and Mike who produce, pack and ship our baking moulds. We are happy to share this journey with you!

We also would like to give special recognition to Nicole, our Finance Manager and Anita, our Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager who have been with Ecopack Canada since the beginning. Thank you both for all you do to make Ecopack Canada a success.

We extend gratitude to all those who have played a role in this incredible 18 years: employees, partners, and clients have been essential to the company’s growth. The celebration is not only about past achievements but also looks forward to a future where sustainable packaging remains at the core of Ecopack’s mission.