Solutions for paper moulds industry

Ecopack originated from a vocation for research and a constant implementation of innovative solutions for its customers and the food industry.



discover our products for the food industry

Ecopack creates solutions for the food industry. It has always embraced challenges and resolved customer packing issues to offer the end user a product with the best features possible.

Our company’s ability is to cooperate with the cutting-edge denester manufacturers: our expertise in cupcake moulds, muffins, and primary packaging has grown hand-in-hand with automation in the food industry.

Ecopack is able to provide highly efficient and low-waste solutions for food packaging, integrating them within the production line through a close collaboration with its customers.

Our company boasts a fully automated thus completely standardized production that guarantees zero defects.

Ecopack provides the food industry with a tailormade Customer Care service, responding to customer demands: we work together to provide the best solutions, tackling and overcoming unexpected events to optimize the final result.


explore our products for distributors

Professional customers need product sleeves with a limited number of units to diversify the production offer, based on their current needs.

Selected range:
explore all the products used by Professional customers. Choose among a wide range of moulds for every occasion!

The right number of pieces per product:
a Professional needs assortment, a rich selection “at the counter”, and a vast array of baking moulds.

To serve a Professional means that our packaging must bear all the right product information, without inventory adjustments.

The Ecopack Professional Line responds to the Distributors’ business demands

Minimum inventory adjustments

High inventory turnover with a limited number of units per sleeve

Dynamic sales argument thanks to high-selling products



discover our products for the retail sector

Project management has always been a part of Ecopack’s daily schedule: product design, material selection, customization, ad hoc packaging, and the development of graphic design based on customer specifications.

Ecopack creates solutions together with its Retail customers based on Made in Italy products, certification, and storytelling: anything that can contribute to making a product successful on the supermarket shelves.

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