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Ecopack renews BRCGS certification with AA+ rating!

We passed our exams, again with flying colors!


The BRCGS Packaging Material Global is a standard that demonstrates the quality, legality and authenticity of a company’s products and its supply chain.

In today’s conscious consumer landscape, where sustainability and food safety are primary concerns, companies like Ecopack stand out for their commitment to excellence. As a supplier of baking molds to international industries, supermarkets and bakeries, Ecopack strongly believes in high standards of production and service, certified by qualified bodies such as BRCGS.


What is BRCGS?

BRCGS, or British Retail Consortium Global Standards, is a globally recognized certification scheme that ensures food safety and quality throughout the supply chain. Ecopack’s achievement of BRCGS certification demonstrates its compliance with rigorous standards, covering areas such as hygiene, product safety and operational controls. By adhering to these strict guidelines, Ecopack assures its customers of the highest levels of product integrity and safety.

Benefits for Ecopack customers

One of the main customer benefits of Ecopack’s BRCGS certification is increased confidence in product quality. With food safety concerns becoming more prevalent, consumers demand assurances about the safety and integrity of the products they buy. By partnering with Ecopack, customers can confidently say that their pastry molds meet the highest industry standards, mitigating the risk of product recalls or safety incidents.


In addition, Ecopack’s BRCGS certification facilitates market access and expansion opportunities for its customers. Many retailers and distributors require suppliers to adhere to recognized food safety standards, such as BRCGS, as a prerequisite for partnership. By choosing Ecopack as their supplier, customers gain a competitive advantage in accessing new markets and securing lucrative contracts with major retailers that prioritize safety and quality.


Cost savings are another significant benefit to Ecopack’s BRCGS certification clients. Although obtaining and maintaining certification involves an initial investment and ongoing costs, the long-term benefits far outweigh these expenses. By reducing the likelihood of product recalls, liability claims, and regulatory fines associated with noncompliance, Ecopack’s certification ultimately results in cost savings for customers, safeguarding their reputations and balance sheets.


In addition, Ecopack’s adherence to BRCGS standards promotes operational efficiency and continuous improvement throughout the supply chain. By implementing robust quality management systems and processes, Ecopack not only ensures compliance with certification requirements, but also promotes efficiency in production, distribution, and logistics. Customers benefit from streamlined operations, reduced waste and increased productivity, further improving their competitiveness in the marketplace.


A commitment to our values


Ecopack’s BRCGS certification is a testament to its unconditional commitment to quality, safety and sustainability. Customers who partner with Ecopack benefit from the assurance of product integrity and safety, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, save costs, and enhance their brand reputation. In a dynamic and demanding industry landscape, Ecopack’s BRCGS certification generates value for both the company and its customers.