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How to choose the perfect fit for your pie?

When choosing the best mould to fit your production line, it can be difficult to find the perfect one for you. In Ecopack, we have over 50 different moulds just in the pie section: we know how overwhelming it can be, and we are here to help you!

There are many factors that go into the selection of the perfect mould, so let’s go through it one by one:


The first, obvious thing is the shape: is your product round? Squared? Rectangular? Different products have different shapes: if you’re a pizza producer, you will most likely (although not exclusively) need round pie moulds; if you produce brownies, you will almost certainly want square moulds. The mould and eventual lid need to fit the baked good.


The size of the mould directly impacts the portion and serving size and occasion of the baked product.
Choosing the right size ensures your product ensures a consistent and professional appearance for the end product, and the best fit for the consumption occasion.


Different recipes require different moulds. The material is essential to the performance during baking, and to the aesthetics of the product’s packaging. Ecopack pies can be made with both kraft paper or PET treated paper (while still PFAS free): a recipe heavy with butter or oil will need more layering than a light cake. Producers will need to consider the entire recipe of their product to choose correctly.


The ease with which moulds can be stacked or nested is crucial for efficient storage and handling in busy bakery environments. Moulds that allow for convenient denesting contribute to streamlined operations, reducing the time and effort required for preparation and cleanup.


Ensuring that moulds are greaseproof is essential to prevent sticking and facilitate easy release of baked goods. Greaseproof moulds not only simplify the demoulding process but also contribute to a more appealing final product, preserving its shape and texture without any undesirable residue.
The ease with which the baked product detaches from the mould is crucial for preserving its shape and presentation. Non-stick coatings or materials with inherent release properties contribute to a smooth demoulding process, ensuring that the final product maintains its integrity and looks appealing without any damage during removal. This aspect is particularly important for intricate or detailed shapes.


The colour of the mould have to compliment the final product. With two base colours, kraft or brown, Ecopack moulds are ready to fit most products. And for the most demanding projects, we provide customised sizes and registered, random or negative printing.

Some of our products

We specialize in paper baking moulds. Everything in our range is paper-made, oven and freezer safe (-18°C to 220°C), and can be used for both the baking and presentation of the product.

Moreover, all our products are denestable and designed to perform on industrial baking equipment.


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